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New to DVD/Blu-Ray - EMA

ema review
A dancer takes extreme measures to be reunited with her adopted son.

New to Digital/DVD/Blu-Ray - FANTASY ISLAND

fantasy island 2020 review
Arriving at an island with the promise of having their fantasies fulfilled, a group of guests instead live out their nightmares.


the invisible man review
Following her abusive partner's suicide, a woman begins to suspect he is still stalking her as an unseen presence.

Blu-Ray Review - DREAM DEMON

dream demon review
Two young women experience terrifying dreams in a London house with a dark past.

New to Digital/VOD/DVD/Blu-Ray - CATS

cats review
After being dumped by her owner, a cat is taken in by a secret feline society.

New Release Review [Blu-Ray/Digital] - I SEE YOU

i see you review
In a town plagued by child abductions, a troubled family experience strange occurrences in their home.