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Did You Win Film Noir CIRCLE OF DANGER on Bluray?

Win Film Noir CIRCLE OF DANGER on Bluray
We had two copies of Jacques Tourneur's thriller to give away.

Courtesy of Studiocanal, a brand-new 4k restoration of the classic British film noir-esque post-war thriller Circle of Danger will be available to own on Blu-Ray and DVD from February 5th. This also marks the first time that the film will be available on Digital.

Directed by Jacques Tourneur (Out of The Past, Cat People), produced by one time assistant to Alfred Hitchcock, Joan Harrison (Rebecca, Suspicion) and adapted from his own novel by Philip Macdonald (Rebecca, The Lost Patrol), the film stars Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend, Love Story), Patricia Roc (The Wicked Lady, One Night With You) and Marius Goring (The Barefoot Contessa, I Was Monty’s Double). It was also shot by the influential Oscar winning cinematographer Oswald Morris (Fiddler on the Roof, Oliver!).

U.S. citizen Clay Douglas (Milland) comes to London to investigate the mysterious death of his brother who served as a Commando with the British Forces. Suspecting that it was not a German bullet that killed him, Clay obtains the name and address of one of the members of the raiding party and begins to piece together the missing information. However, after further investigations, Clay finds himself in a situation so unexpected that all his plans for retribution are shattered.

We had two blurays of Circle of Danger to give away to UK readers.

The winners are:

Laura Corrall, Norwich
Martin Cunliffe, Sheffield