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New Trailer and Poster for the 4K Reissue of PSYCHO

The theatrical cut of Hitchcock's thriller is returning to cinemas.

The original theatrical cut of Alfred Hitchcock's classic Psycho has been restored in 4K and returns to UK/ROI cinemas on May 27th.

This version restores the 13 seconds of footage that was removed by censors following the film's original theatrical run.

The movie famously stars Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, who goes on the run with stolen money and checks into a motel run by the shy young Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins).

Check out the new trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Alfred Hitchcock’s landmark masterpiece of the macabre stars Anthony Perkins as the troubled Norman Bates, whose old dark house and adjoining motel are not the place to spend a quiet evening. No one knows that better than Marion Crane (Janet Leigh), the ill-fated traveller whose journey ends in the notorious “shower scene.” First a private detective, then Marion’s sister (Vera Miles) searches for her, the horror and the suspense mount to a horrifying climax where the mysterious killer is finally revealed.

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