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New Trailer and Poster for Polish Thriller PITBULL/EXODUS

pitbull exodus
Two versions of the Polish thriller are coming to UK/ROI cinemas in November.

Directed by veteran Polish genre filmmaker Patryk Vega, Pitbull/Exodus tells the story of one man's rise in the criminal underworld of Eastern Europe and the cop determined to stop him.

The film stars Andrzej Grabowski, Przemyslaw Bluszcz and Tomasz Dedek.

Vega shot two versions of his film, one in Polish (Pitbull) and one in English (Exodus), with both coming to UK/ROI cinemas on November 19th.

Check out the Exodus trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

The story of Pitbull - Exodus is told across a number of years, a part of the ever waging war between the police and the criminal empires spanning Eastern Europe. We follow one young man's life, his childhood and adolescence and ultimately his descent into the criminal underworld. His path soon crosses with a policeman who will stop at nothing to catch him.

pitbull exodus poster