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Did You Win a Blu-Ray of Gritty ’60s British Crime Drama WEST 11?

west 11
We've got three blu-rays of the Michael Winner directed drama to give away.

west 11 bluray

Studiocanal is delighted to announce the release of a brand-new restoration of director Michael Winner’s (Death Wish, Hannibal Brooks) 1963 classic crime drama, West 11. Starring Alfred Lynch (The Hill, The Taming of the Shrew), Kathleen Breck (The Three Musketeers, ‘The Prisoner’), Eric Portman (The Canterbury Tale, The Whisperers) along with the inimitable Diana Dors (Yield to The Night, The Weak and the Wicked), this sympathetic study of rootless drifters filmed on location in Notting Hill will be available to own on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital platforms from July 5th.

Based on the novel 'The Furnished Room' by Laura Del Rivo, this stunning new restoration comes complete with exclusive new extras material and is a welcome addition to the growing Vintage Classics collection. 

Michael Winner’s foray into British Social realism sees an authentic portrayal of the grittier, darker side of West London in the 60s.

We've got three blu-rays of West 11 to give away to lucky UK readers.

The winners are:

Pat Barrett, Blackpool
Rachel Blackburn, North Lincs
Mark Adamson, Tyne and Wear