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New Trailer for Trippy Sci-Fi Thriller PLAYDURIZM

First look at director Gem Deger's mind-bending sci-fi.

Director Gem Deger's Playdurizm blends genres and bends minds to tell the trippy tale of a young man obsessed with a screen idol who finds himself in a neon-soaked alternate reality. The film stars  Austin Chunn, Gem Deger, Issy Stewart, Christopher Hugh, James Adamson, Jeff Fritz and Holden McNeill.

Playdurizm has been picked up by Artsploitation Films, who will be sending it out on the festival circuit soon. Artsploitation's Ray Murray says, "I found this film a perfect slap in the face to conventional story-telling. Gem Deger has put the surrealism back in story-telling and the danger back in romance and sex. If Gaspar Noé, Christophe Honoré and Xavier Dolan had a furious threesome, Gem could very well be their love child. We are excited to share this new talent with an American audience."

Check out the first trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

When a teenager finds himself caught in a glitchy-glitzy reality with his onscreen male idol, he does all he can to be possessed by this man and ignore the violent clues of how he got there.