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New Trailer and Poster Invite You to KNOW FEAR

know fear
First trailer for director Jamison M. LoCascio's chiller.

If you find an ancient occult book in your home, chuck it straight in the trash. Those things bring nothing but trouble. The married couple at the centre of director Jamison M. LoCascio's Know Fear learn this the hard way when an evil demon escapes into our world through the pages of just such a book they come across in their new home. Amy Carlson, Mallory Bechtel and David Alan Basche star in this one.

Know Fear is on US VOD from March 12th. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

After discovering an ancient book of the occult in their new home, Donald Capel’s (David Alan Basche) wife Wendy (Amy Carlson) is seized by a demonic entity, nearly killing her. Donald’s niece (Mallory Bechtel) activates a dangerous ritual in the book used to identify and banish demons, a ritual forcing each member of the family to communicate with the demon in their own unique way: to see it, hear it, or speak to it.

know fear poster