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Cult Scottish Comedy RESTLESS NATIVES Gets a New Restoration - New Clip and Artwork

restless natives
The '80s comedy comes to UK Digital, DVD and blu-ray in March.

In the spirit of Bill Forsyth is director Michael Hoffman's 1985 Scottish comedy Restless NativesVincent Friell and Joe Mullaney play a pair of young unemployed Edinburgh men who take to holding up coachloads of tourists in the Highlands, only to find a vacationing CIA agent (Ned Beatty) on their tail.

A new restoration of Restless Natives comes to UK blu-ray, DVD and Digital on March 1st from Studiocanal.

Bonus features include a commentary track with Hoffman, writer Ninian Dunnett and producer Andy Patterson; a 'making of' feature; a feature on the score by Big Country; trailer; and behind the scenes stills gallery.

Check out a newly restored clip and the new artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

Ronnie and Will are two under-employed Scots living on a housing estate in Edinburgh. Bored and tempted by the untapped wealth of the international tourists that swarm through the city, they hatch a wildly irresponsible plan to achieve wealth and notoriety. Donning a wolf and a clown mask and armed with a puffer gun loaded with homemade mace they politely hold up coachloads of tourists travelling through the Highlands for a bit of cash. The duo soon become a hit with the tourists and the public alike, following in the great tradition of fellow folk heroes Robin Hood and Rob Roy. Their exploits make them a bigger tourist attraction than the Loch Ness Monster, much to the annoyance of the inept local police.

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