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New Trailer and Poster for Supernatural Rom-Com A GHOST WAITS

a ghost waits
The indie horror comedy comes to Arrow in February.

Formerly known as Arrow Video Channel, streaming service Arrow will host writer/director Adam Stovall's genre-bending indie A Ghost Waits from February 1st, with a blu-ray and Digital release in May from Arrow Video.

A Ghost Waits stars MacLeod Andrews as a handyman hired to fix up a troublesome rental property. There he discovers the reason why tenants keep leaving - it's haunted by Muriel (Natalie Walker), a ghost whose job is to put the frighteners on anyone who moves into the house.

Check out the trailer and artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

Jack's job is to fix up rental properties to make way for new tenants, but one property keeps winding up empty. Tasked with discovering why and fixing the issue, Jack meets Muriel…a ghost. Muriel's job is to haunt the home and keep it vacant. They should be enemies but find they have a great deal in common…pulse notwithstanding. Having found a kindred spirit in an otherwise lonely existence, Jack and Muriel must fight for their newfound affection as pressure mounts for them each to fulfill their “cross-purposes”. A genre blending story with heart, humour, a little fear, and big questions.

a ghost waits poster