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New Trailer and Poster for Argentinian Thriller MURDER ME MONSTER

Murder Me Monster
Alejandro Fadel’s acclaimed thriller comes to UK/ROI screens in December.

Writer/ director Alejandro Fadel's Argentinian thriller Murder Me Monster stars newcomer Victor Lopez as a police officer investigating what appears to be a serial killer decapitating their victims. Tania Casciani, Esteban Bigliardi and Sofia Palomino also star.

Murder Me Monster is on UK VOD and in UK/ROI virtual cinemas from December 4th. Cinema screenings may also take place depending on restrictions.

Check out the UK trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

When rural police officer Cruz (Victor Lopez) investigates the bizarre case of a headless woman found in a remote area by the Andes mountains, David (Esteban Bigliardi), the husband of his lover Francisca (Tania Casciani), becomes the prime suspect. David is sent to a local mental hospital after he blames the murder on the inexplicable appearance of a monster who he claims brutally beheads its victims after they plea “Murder Me, Monster”. As more bodies are found it becomes apparent that the culprit may still be at large and Cruz must work fast to determine who, or what, the real monster may be.

Murder Me Monster poster