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70s Crime Thriller THE DON IS DEAD Coming to UK Blu-Ray - New Trailer and Artwork

The Don is Dead
Richard Fleischer's bloody thriller comes to UK blu-ray in January.

The 1970s gave us so many great crime thrillers that several have gone overlooked in the decades since. One such movie is director Richard Fleischer's 1973 gangster saga The Don is Dead.

The film stars Robert Forster as a young mobster who finds himself caught in a war between two feuding crime families following the death of his father. As he rises to the top of the underworld, the bodies begin to mount up. The cast of cult stars also features Anthony Quinn, Frederic Forrest, Angel Tomkins, Al Lettieri, Joe Santos, Abe Vigoda, Vic Tayback, Victor Argo and Sid Haig.

Eureka Entertainment are releasing The Don is Dead on UK blu-ray on January 18th, 2021 (pre-order here). Bonus features include a new feature length audio commentary by author Scott Harrison and a collector’s booklet featuring an extensive essay on the crime films of Fleischer by film writer and journalist Barry Forshaw.

Check out Eureka's new trailer and artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

After his Vegas crime family don father dies, Frank Regalbuto (Forster) now places his loyalties with Don Angelo DiMorra (Quinn), but a rival family wants to trigger a gang war and destroy the DiMorra clan. They make Frank think that his girlfriend Ruby (Prime Cut's Angel Tomkins) is locked in an affair with Don Angelo, hoping Frank will take revenge. Enlisting the Fargo brothers hit men, Tony (Forrest) and Vince (Lettieri) -- who have some nasty sibling rivalry issues of their own -- Frank is determined to rise to the top and wreak vengeance, no matter the body count that results.

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