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New Trailer and Poster for Cuban Music Drama MAMBO MAN

mambo man
New drama set against the backdrop of Cuba's famous music scene.

Increasingly, the promotion of art relies on the endeavours of private individuals giving up their spare time to help bring artists to an audience. The directorial debut of Mo Fini and Edesio Alejandro, Mambo Man focusses on one such individual. Played by Héctor Noas, JC is a Cuban farmer who doubles as a music promoter in the island's famous Mambo scene. Desperate to drag his family out of poverty while chasing his dream of becoming a professional music producer, JC is suddenly gifted a chance to make a fortune, but it comes with a catch.

The film features performances from such Mambo acts as Candido Fabre, Maria Ochoa and Alma Latina, David Alvarez and Arturo Jorge, while its soundtrack features members of Buena Vista Social Club.

Mambo Man will be available in the US through virtual cinemas from September 11th. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

In 2017, after more than half a century since Castro's revolution, Cuba opens her arms to the West and the Yankee dollar. Born into communism, JC (Héctor Noas) thinks himself a big fish in a small pond - a local music producer and promoter, farmer and small-time hustler who lives by his wits and imagination. To support his family and small circle of 'business associates' and maintain his local "Godfather" status, JC lives beyond his means - something that creates undeniable strain in his marriage.

When his crops are threatened by late rains, JC has to juggle the demands of organizing concerts while also sourcing pig feed, fixing water pumps and entertaining a group of visiting British music tourists. Along the way, there is betrayal and heartbreak but behind JC's wisecracking persona is a considerate man. He's not greedy -- he just wants to provide for friends and family and escape the precarious, hand-to-mouth existence that threatens to derail his life at any moment. When an unexpected phone call offers him the chance to make a fortune, he undertakes a frantic search for cash to, hopefully, change his life for the better.

mambo man poster