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UK Trailer and Posters Unveiled for Italian Crime Epic THE TRAITOR

the traitor
New trailer and artwork for Marco Bellochio's Mafia saga.

Veteran filmmaker Marco Bellocchio's Italian gangster drama The Traitor tells the true story of Tommaso Buscetta (Pierfrancesco Favino), a police informant who played a vital role in toppling the powerful Cosa Nostra Mafia family in the 1980s.

Winner of six Italian Donatello Academy Awards, The Traitor was Italy's official submission for this year's Academy Awards.

The Traitor is in UK/ROI cinemas and available to stream through Virtual Cinema platforms from July 24th.

Check out the UK trailer, posters and official synopsis below.

the traitor quad poster

the traitor uk poster

The official synopsis reads:

Based on the true story of the Cosa Nostra in the early 1980’s, the film begins as an all-out war rages between Sicilian mafia bosses over the heroin trade. Tommaso Buscetta (Favino), a made man, flees to hide out in Brazil. Back home, scores are being settled and Buscetta watches from afar as his sons and brother are killed in Palermo, knowing he may be next. Arrested and extradited to Italy by the Brazilian police, Buscetta makes a decision that will change everything for the Mafia: he decides to meet with Judge Giovanni Falcone and betray the eternal vow he made to the Cosa Nostra.