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New Trailer for WELCOME TO THE CIRCLE Pits Campers Against Cult Members

Welcome to the Circle
If you go down to the woods might stumble across a murderous cult.

The premise of innocent holidaymakers stumbling across murderous cults has fuelled many a successful horror movie, with my personal fave being 1975's Race with the Devil.

In director David Fowler's Welcome to the Circle, a father and daughter's camping trip in remote woodlands turns deadly when they come across a cult whose members worship a madman who seems capable of altering reality. Heather Doerksen, Matthew MacCaull and Taylor Dianne Robinson star.

Artsploitation Films have picked up the film for a US release later in 2020, but no news yet of a UK/ROI release.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

Welcome to the Circle poster

The official synopsis reads:

A camping misadventure forces a young girl and her father into the realm of a madman worshiping cult known as The Circle. As the pair become trapped in The Circle’s increasingly frightening sphere of indoctrination, a case-hardened professional cult deprogrammer and his two clients attempt to kidnap/reclaim one of group’s members. Grizzly rituals are soon revealed to be part of a terrifying, surreal, alternate reality that has been constructed by the cult’s mysterious, isolated leader. Escape is the only objective, but all of them are trapped in The Circle.