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New Trailer for Abel Ferrara’s TOMMASO, Starring Willem Dafoe

tommaso willem dafoe
New look at the latest collaboration between Ferrara and Defoe.

Abel Ferrara currently has no less than three completed movies awaiting release - his nostalgic documentary The Projectionist and a pair of collaborations with actor Willem Dafoe, Siberia and Tommaso.

In what sounds like Ferrara's riff on Fellini's , Tommaso sees Dafoe play a Rome based American filmmaker and recovering addict undergoing an existential crisis while preparing his next film. Anna Ferrara and Christina Chiriac also star.

We're still waiting for news of a UK/ROI release for all three of Ferrara's upcoming films, but US viewers can watch Tommaso through the Virtual Cinema system from June 5th.

Check out Tommaso's trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

tommaso abel ferrara

The official synopsis reads:

Willem Dafoe is an American artist living in Rome with his family, played by Abel Ferrara’s real-life wife and daughter. Their tumultuous relationship is set against his day to day life as a teacher, ex-pat, and recovering addict.