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New Trailer and Poster for Post-Apocalypse Thriller FINDING EDEN

finding eden
A shift in Earth's axis leads to global chaos in director Rodney Aquino's thriller.

It may feel like we're currently living through a real life apocalypse, but things haven't gotten as bad the scenario presented in director Rodney Aquino's Finding Eden. Aquino's post-apocalyptic thriller takes place in the aftermath of a series of environmental disasters caused by Earth shifting on its axis, and follows a survivor as he attempts to rescue his kidnapped family. Jason Sutton, Joseph Gatt, Tom Proctor and Michael Campion star.

Finding Eden is on US VOD May 12th, with a UK/ROI release yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

finding eden poster

The official synopsis reads:

FINDING EDEN tells the story of an Earth that begins dying when it shifts off its axis – and what happens when survivors must fight to survive in the dire wastelands within the wake of unrivaled disasters. Adam is one of those men. He protects his family at all costs, but when they're suddenly taken, Adam stops at nothing to rescue them from the evils of the new world.  When Adam crosses paths with Fred -- another man on a mission to protect his people – he is set on a course to save his wife and son from the grips of a psychopath known as Donner, and ultimately lead them to safety.