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Michael Ironside Goes To HELLMINGTON - New Trailer & Poster

The Canadian thriller comes to DVD/VOD September.

hellmington poster

Writer-directors Justin Hewitt-Drakulic and Alex Lee Williams' Hellmington tells the story of a documentary film crew that investigates a blogger who mysteriously disappeared following an invite to an asylum converted into a haunted house attraction. Michael Ironside and Nicola Correia-Damude star.

Hellmington premieres on DVD/VOD September 10th.

Check out the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

On June 6, 1985 Hellmington Asylum closed their doors for good. On June 6, 2009 it was re-opened as the very first Psychological Extreme Haunted House, where people could live out their own personal horror fantasies.

Willing participants would be pushed to their limits, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s in your head. Katie Owens, a true horror fanatic and online blogger was invited as one of the first people to partake in the Hellmington experience.

Only Katie never left…that was 6 years ago, and her disappearance remains unsolved. Police reports stated no body was found, no suspicion of foul play and no evidence was discovered. After many years with no answers, a group of documentary filmmakers decide to join forces with the local police department to investigate and analyze the footage from that night to see.