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Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS Returns To Cinemas In August [New Trailer/Poster]

notorious cary grant ingrid bergman
A new 4K restoration of Hitchcock's spy thriller is coming to UK cinemas.

notorious hitchcock poster

Courtesy of the British Film Institute, a new 4K restoration of Alfred Hitchcock's 1946 thriller Notorious is coming to UK cinemas on August 9th.

Notorious famously stars Ingrid Bergman as a young woman tasked by an American agent (Cary Grant) with spying on a Nazi (Claude Rains) who has fled to Brazil following WWII.

The movie features one of cinema's most memorable kisses, as Hitchcock flouted Hollywood's strict censorship code to have Grant and Bergman lock lips for over two minutes, along with an array of dazzling suspense sequences.

You can find the list of participating cinemas here.

Check out the BFI's new trailer below.

The BFI's official synopsis reads:

In one of Alfred Hitchcock’s darkest thrillers, a traitor’s daughter is engaged by an American agent to get close to one of her father’s Nazi associates. As a deadly plot begins to emerge, her safety is compromised as suspicions arise, with potentially deadly consequences…