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New 4K Restoration Of Western Classic HIGH NOON Coming To Blu-Ray In September [New Trailer/Artwork]

high noon
Eureka Entertainment are bringing a new restoration of Fred Zinnemann's western to blu-ray.

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It's hard to believe that director Fred Zinnemann's acclaimed 1952 western High Noon has never had a UK blu-ray release, but that's finally being rectified on September 16th, when Eureka Entertainment will release a new 4K restoration of the film.

Considered an allegory for the McCarthy communist witch hunts that were tearing Hollywood apart at the time, the film stars Gary Cooper as a Marshall on the cusp of retirement who struggles to summon up a posse among his town's residents to take on the gang of outlaws who have rode into town.

Special features include new commentaries by historian Glenn Frankel and western authority Stephen Prince; a video interview with film historian Neil Sinyard; a 1969 audio interview with writer Carl Foreman; three making of docs; and a trailer.

The Limited Edition blu-ray comes in a hardbound slipcase with a 100 page collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film, the original short story 'The Tin Star' by John W. Cunningham, excerpts from writings and interviews with director Zinnemann, and archival articles and materials relating to the film.

You can pre-order High Noon from the Eureka store and Amazon.

Check out Eureka's new trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

In his Oscar-winning performance, Gary Cooper stars as small town Marshal Will Kane, preparing to retire and leave town with his young bride Amy (Grace Kelly). However, plans are derailed with the impending arrival of outlaw Frank and his brutal gang. Unfolding in real time, High Noon follows Will as he futilely tries to assemble a posse with the reluctant townspeople, who want Will to forget about a conflict -- as does Amy, a Quaker pacifist who just wants to avoid violence. But as high noon approaches, Will realises he must do the moral thing...with or without help.

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