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UK Trailer Unveiled For Korean Historical Epic FENGSHUI

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London Korean Film Festival 2019 Teaser Screenings brings Park Hee-kon’s epic to the UK in July.

Director Park Hee-kon’s historical epic Fengshui stars Cho Seung-woo as a Fengshui Master who uses his unique abilities to give guidance to those around him. When he becomes tied up in a rebellion against the governing aristocrats, he finds a new use for his skills.

Courtesy of London Korean Film Festival 2019 Teaser Screenings, Fengshui will screen at London's Regent Street Cinema on July 22nd. Tickets can be booked here.

Check out the UK trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Park Jae-sang (Cho Seung-woo, Inside Men) is a Fengshui Master hiding from a tragic past by using his talents to read the land around him and offering advice to those who need it - from desperate mothers unable to convince their sons to study, to market sellers struggling to boost sales, and even newly-weds wanting to spice up their love lives. After being approached one day by Heung-seon (Ji Sung, Confession), a member of a fallen royal clan with a plan to drive out the aristocrats who have corrupted the royal order - the same people who murdered his own family many years ago - Park can no longer ignore his past. Teaming up with the outcast royal to take down the power-hungry Kim family, Park has a chance to use his Fengshui powers for good and avenge his family, just as long as he can see through the treachery that surrounds him...