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Netflix Release First Trailer For Isabel Coixet's ELISA & MARCELA

elisa & marcela
First look at Coixet's Netflix bound drama.

elisa & marcela poster

After spending the last few years working in English language cinema, Spanish writer/director Isabel Coixet (The Bookshop) returns home for the Netflix bound drama Elisa & Marcela.

Inspired by a true story, Elisa & Marcela tells the tale of Elisa SΓ‘nchez Loriga (Natalia de Molina), who posed as a man in order to marry her lover, Marcela Gracia Ibeas (Greta FernΓ‘ndez), in late 19th century Spain.

Elisa & Marcela premieres on Netflix June 7th.

Watch the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

1885. Elisa and Marcela meet at the school where they both work. What begins as a close friendship ends in a romantic relationship that they must keep secret. Marcela’s parents are suspicious and send her abroad for a couple of years. When she returns, the reunion with Elisa is magical and they decide to share a life together. Now the focus of social pressure and gossip, they decide to map out a plan. Elisa will leave town for a time in order to come back disguised as Mario and be able to marry Marcela. But nothing will be that easy for this forbidden love.