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Interview - THE POSSESSION DIARIES Star Katherine Munroe

the possession diaries
Like a contemporary Regan, actress Katherine Munroe finds herself possessed (!) in the new Uncork’d release, The Possession Diaries, out this June.

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When did your film career take off?

My film career kicked off the minute I moved out to LA. I started doing as much film and TV work as I could, and I continue to work hard and not give up.

Was it daunting playing a lead role?

It wasn't so much daunting as it was rewarding. I’ve been working my whole life to play challenging characters.

And this was your first lead?

Yes, this was my first lead role in a feature film.

Stressful, at any times, knowing you were the anchor of the film?

It was definitely stressful to play this character, but not because it was the lead role. This would have been a stressful character to play even if it was a supporting role, because of everything that went into this character. She was going through a lot in this movie.

the possession diaries

Did you know the filmmakers beforehand?

No, this was my first time working with these filmmakers.

How is director Juan Frausto to work with?

Juan was great. He really let me express the character the way I wanted to, trusting what I felt I should do with the character.

It was shot in L.A?

We shot in LA, with the majority of the movie in one location, actually.

Do you think you need to be a horror nut to star in a horror movie?

It certainly doesn't hurt to enjoy and appreciate horror films when you're in one, but being on set and having people around you all working together is what helps the most.

Favourite horror film?

I love the first Halloween movie, how disturbing, unsettling, and suspenseful it is. How he doesn't need to speak to scare you.

The Possession Diaries is on DVD and Digital June 4th.