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Interview - AT THE END OF THE DAY Star Stephen Shane Martin

Actor Stephen Shane Martin discusses his new LGBT comedy.

Stephen Shane Martin, whose credits include Sleepy Hollow, tells us about his new film At the End of the Day, in which he plays a Christian professor who finds himself undercover in a gay support group - it’s, to say the least, a life changing event for the lecturer.

You’re a long way from Sleepy Hollow here, Stephen. I imagine that’s enticing to an actor though, getting to play a very different character than the one you played before. Tell us about Dave.

I tell everyone that Dave is an idiot. He’s not though. Dave is a person, that like many, was brought up believing certain things about people he knew nothing about. He didn't question these thoughts. Probably because it would be uncomfortable. Life forces him though to really find the truth.

I think as a whole Dave has a good heart, and genuinely wants to do good in the world, but his unwillingness to challenge things he’s been taught, and inability to take personal accountability have led him to some tough roads he probably wouldn't have had to deal with.

How alike are you and Dave?

I think you always find similarities in characters you play. Dave has a very dry sense of humor, that is something I definitely have in common with him.

I was and am a pretty defiant person. I don’t really like to form my opinions based on what other people say, Dave kinda does.

But we do both like black coffee... So there’s that.

Was there anything about Dave that was foreign territory to you?

Not that I can think of.

Did you get much rehearsal time before the shoot?

As I remember, we had one table read, a couple days before production began.

Myself, director Kevin O'Brien and actor Tom Nowicki met at Tom's place in Orlando for a couple hours. That’s about it, besides quick run-throughs before cameras were rolling.

Chemistry is very important here. How did you and Danielle Sagona, in particular, nail that?

Easy, Danielle is fantastic!

I’m not sure. Danielle is a very easy person to get along with. She has a very inviting nature, similar to her character. Her and I chatted a lot when not shooting, and 99% of the time we talked very little of acting, or the film.

I think getting to know one another without the showbiz talk creates a trust. And personally, that’s the strongest thing you can have in a scene partner.

What, do you believe, is the message of the movie?

I’m sure it will be interpreted in many different ways. For me, it's to challenge yourself to find answers. Not someone else's, or a book's, but your own.

Jumping back quickly to Sleepy Hollow. How much fun was it to work on that show?

Super fun. I got to dress like I was from the 1600s, drive a horse and carriage. Then get eaten by a monster.

What can audiences see you in next?

I have a guest spot on Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong. Not sure of air date yet… Sorry.

And hopefully the feature I wrote, if I ever get it made.

At the End of the Day is on VOD February 26th. Pre-order from iTunes: