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Cult Oddities MISS LESLIE'S DOLLS & WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR To Make Their Blu-Ray Debuts In September

Network Releasing to bring two cult gems to blu-ray for the first time.

Two cult oddities that have thus far evaded blu-ray are 1965's Who Killed Teddy Bear and 1973's Miss Leslie's Dolls. That's set to end in September when Network Releasing unleash hi-def discs of both titles.

September 3rd sees the release of Miss Leslie's Dolls, the very definition of a grindhouse movie with a plot that features possession and transvestitism. Director Joseph G. Prieto's film was considered lost for decades, but has now been remastered for this release, which you can pre-order at

Stranded in the backwoods during a thunderstorm, a beautiful teacher and her three promiscuous students take refuge at a lonely house owned by the middle-aged Miss Leslie. Miss Leslie, however, is less a mild-mannered spinster and more an axe-wielding, homicidal cross-dresser intent on transferring his spirit into the nubile body of any girl foolish enough to come visiting...

September 17th sees the arrival of Who Killed Teddy Bear. Starring Sal Mineo as a porn obsessed bodybuilder, the film was considered so controversial on its release that it was denied a certification. You can pre-order this one at

Special features include a Mineo starring episode of TV show Court Martial; a Mineo narrated short on LSD; and a trailer.

A grim police detective embarks on a one-man crusade to track down a depraved sex maniac when a nightclub dancer receives a disturbing series of obscene phone calls. Finding himself getting far too close to the victim for comfort, the hard-boiled cop must track down the unbalanced pervert before he can carry out his sick threats...


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