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Christmas Horror SICK FOR TOYS Releases First Trailer & Poster

sick for toys
Christmas comes early with a first look at the seasonal shocker.

sick for toys poster

The sub-genre of Christmas themed horror movies seems to be growing more popular with each passing year, and 2018 will no doubt bring us a crop of seasonal shockers.

It may still be Spring but we already have a trailer and poster for one of this year's Christmas horrors - director David Del Rio's Sick for Toys.

Sick for Toys tells the story of a Christmas dinner that turns bloody, and it's currently being shopped around the Cannes marketplace by genre specialists Devilworks. You can check out the trailer below.

The official synopsis reads:

Directed by David Del Rio and co-written by Justin Xavier and James Andrew Oster, the film tells the story of Roy, who accepts an invitation to have Christmas dinner with a beautiful and strangely alluring woman. Once at dinner, he realizes that his date and her oddball brother are not what they seem & he soon ends up fighting for his life.