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New Film, ‘American Deep State’ Tackles Alleged Corruption and Collusion within American Government

With the idea of a deep state heavily on the mind of many Americans, Bernie Olaf and The Strasson Group hope to shed light on the matter in new film.

Corruption and possible collusion within the American government is being addressed in new film, ‘American Deep State’ by Bernie Olaf and The Strasson Group. It is believed that more than a few top federal government officials were allegedly biased against then republican U.S. presidential candidate, Donald John Trump. This bias has been well-documented in news reports and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

The Strasson Group plans to release the film in theaters late 2018 with a subsequent release online and through video-on-demand.

The film has garnered a wave of support from Facebook and Twitter users with over 115,000 likes and follows on Facebook alone. It was this excited group of fans that urged Olaf and The Strasson Group to produce the film.

In the past, deep state was a popular topic among liberals but has gained acceptance by those with conservative views. The fact that major news organizations in the U.S. and around the world have or are discussing whether or not there is a deep state operating in this country is worth investigating. Mainstream media has moved the conversation from those deemed as conspiracy theorists and legitimized the subject regardless of political affiliation. “If the president of the United States and the first family are talking about the possibility of a deep state in America, then it’s time to have an honest discussion on the matter,” Olaf said.

According to recent polls, most Americans believe that some form of deep state exists especially with the outcome of the 2016 election. Even still, “a deep state in America is vastly different and far less powerful when compared to deep state in other countries like Egypt and Turkey,” lamented Olaf.

Whether or not ‘American Deep State’ will focus on these other countries where such activity occurs has not yet been determined. According to Olaf, people in America as well as in other countries need more information and he and The Strasson Group look forward to telling this story.