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Interview - BRAINLESS AGENDA Creator Linnea Sage

linnea sage
Brainless Agenda creator Linnea Sage discusses her satirical web series.

“Now that streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon are acquiring like crazy, it’s a great time to be a web series,” explains Brainless Agenda creator Linnea Sage. “If you’re not acquired… good luck getting views, though.”

Sage, a veteran voice performer and webseries expert, gives us the details on her latest show, and how she hopes to get people to see it.

linnea sage

The series looks great. How did it come about?

My first episode was meant to be a one off and was born out of a lifetime of annoyance at the entertainment industry. I never thought I would continue producing more after that. My first episode, “Daily Life of an Actress” was created months before the Harvey Weinstein news broke and was just an expression of my experiences as a female actor in this industry. It is about a male filmmaker casting his newest project. The requirements he lists, like full frontal nudity, must be hot, needs to shave head, needs over a million followers... these are all things that show up on casting breakdowns all the time. Of course, #TimesUp. Things are changing. It’s awesome. I definitely had nothing to do with the change... but that episode did have hundreds of views and went viral in a couple acting-related Facebook groups before the Harvey news broke, so mayyyybeeeee it was all because of me?

Can you talk about any of your influences?

Most of the time I am quoting actual experiences I have had with people. I really enjoy calling out insanity instead of ignoring it. Seinfeld did a similar thing but much more tame. I think it’s important to look at a ridiculous person or situation head on and say... “no actually, that is really weird that you think that or say those things and we need to examine it so that you can hear what you sound like.”

What kind of topics do you cover?

Nothing is off limits so far! As long as I can think of 60 seconds worth of material I’ll make an episode. Some annoying people just aren’t annoying enough to fill an episode. I love it when friends or fans will message me with ideas for characters.

What told you there would be an audience for this kind of series?

The response from the first episode was really what convinced me to make more. I get messages from fans that they want more, which is also encouraging. I wish I could put episodes out faster!

Do you test your material on family and friends? 

I do! If I’m basing a character off someone I know a friend has experienced, I’ll definitely ask their thoughts and run jokes by them.

What are your plans for it?

I have the highest of hopes, of course. Right now I am excited about teaming up with the first ever Twitch TV channel, Brainvashing. It‘s going to be a dope comedy channel featuring interviews, comedians, reality shows, video game chats and late night talk shows. I hope Brainless Agenda will reach a lot of cool fans from this.

Web series don’t get the same recognition as normal, traditional series; do you think that’s changing though?

Now that streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon are acquiring like crazy it’s a great time to be a web series. If you’re not acquired… good luck getting views, though. It’s all about the right person seeing your work.

How important is social and online marketing for a series like this?

Ugh, so important. I still don’t have a handle on it. I definitely need to up my game!

Are you online yourself? Where can we follow you?

Please follow @BrainlessAgenda on Instagram! It’s also on YouTube if you’re more into that kinda thing.