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Waffling With THE RIZEN Star Laura Swift

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Proficient stuntwoman turned actress Laura Swift (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, The Snowman) tells us about fighting zombies in Matt Mitchell’s The Rizen, now available on VOD through Uncork’d Entertainment.

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Are you a fan of horror movies, personally, Laura?

I'm a fan of all films really, I'm a real movie buff. I try not to watch that many horror movies as I have an overactive imagination so they terrify me for days if I do! Horror films are great to perform in though; there's usually some good action and great special effects. I do love a good action film particularly if there's an interesting story and characters.

Did you sit down to watch any similar-themed movies before filming?

I didn't, as I didn't want to replicate anyone else's work. I got a real sense of who Frances was from reading the script and the relationship and camaraderie between the characters was so clear and strong I just tried to immerse myself in her world, which was very easy to do with the realistic tunnel sets and working with such talented performers.

Was the role written for you in mind or did you have to test for it?

The script was written first. The Lost Eye team found me on a casting site and contacted me asking me if I'd be interested in auditioning for the role. I loved the script and that Frances was tough but also had this great character journey, so I went along to read for the role. They offered me the part the same day.

Did you play exactly what was written on the page?

Script-wise I did play what was written as Matt Mitchell is a great writer but myself, Paddy Briggs and Chris Baugman really fell into this dynamic relationship over the course of the shoot, which was exactly like our characters, so it felt really natural playing most of the scenes.

Where does the character end and Laura begin? In other words, any similarities?

Frances and I are very similar in that we both look out for people and are protective of those we care about. We're both military trained and can throw a punch when necessary. We're both passionate and disciplined. I'm not quite as well spoken and luckily haven't had any of the experiences she's had.

Can you see yourself behaving the same way in the same situation?

I'm quite good in a crisis so I'd like to think there would be a lot of similarities in how I'd behave. I'd like to think my survival instinct would just kick in. I don't know how I'd feel about bashing things in with a crow bar but if it was fight or flight then I'd do whatever it took.

Tell us about working with all those icons – like Adrian Edmondson – on the film?

The wealth of talent in our film is amazing. Ade Edmondson was so great in his role, I found myself as Frances really falling under his spell. He had this creepy, charming hypnotic way about him. Julian Rhind-Tutt is a friend of mine and we've known each other for years, I love working with him. One of my favourite scenes in the film is the one with Bruce Payne, Julian and Laurence Kennedy - working with incredible actors makes it so easy. We have a lot of brilliant British comedy actors playing serious roles in our film and doing them so well. The flashbacks really give an interesting dynamic and depth to the film.

What’s next for you?

I've been fortunate to have been fairly busy with stunt work so a lot of those films are coming out in 2018. I've just got back from Jordan where I was stunt doubling for Rosamund Pike on her new film.

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