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The Outside Centre Film Podcast Ep.75 - Introducing Orla Smith

certain women
Introducing a new member of the team.

Orla Smith from Battle Royale With Cheese makes her debut in a mini-sode of The Outside Centre Podcast. Herself and Theo Neumann review Kelly Reichardt's oestrogen anthology Certain Women and Japanese musical comedy Lady Maiko.

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Theo Neumann is the lead presenter of The Outside Centre Film Podcast. He is a qualified journalist that used to review films on local West Midlands Radio before setting up this podcast in 2014. You can read his tweets @Theo_ACloud. Alex Sergeant is an Academic/Writer/Comedian with a PHD in Freudian Theory in cinema. You will see him on twitter @freudisfunny. Eric Hillis is a freelance film critic and Editor for The Movie Waffler. You can read his reviews at as well as following him on twitter @HillisEric. Dr Paul Darke is an academic with a PHD in disability in film. You can find him on twitter @drpauldarke. Together, they make up The Outside Centre Film Podcast, a film review show that strives to talk about films the mainstream media ignores. The guys also look back over the work of classic directors. Join them twice a month for a focus on foreign language and world cinema, as well as lesser known titles you may have missed.