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Preparations for A Successful TV Show Location Vacation

Going on any trip is an exciting adventure to look forward to. It’s your chance to escape to Los Angeles, and get to see exactly where your favorite tv shows are filmed, and where the stars live. Plan your schedule carefully so you can fit as many locations in as possible when you arrive at your destination.

Traveling is a lot more fun when you know you have all of the right items packed and you’ve worked ahead at your job. This way you can simply enjoy and relax on your vacation. It’s worth the hard work upfront to not be scrabbling around at the last minute. See preparations for a successful vacation.

A Plan

It’s a good idea to do your homework and have a plan of attack. You don’t want to be stuck wandering and panicking about where you’re heading once you land. One idea is to visit the set of your favorite television shows. Head to Hollywood and see where all of the action takes place. There’s always filming going on and they welcome guests and fans. Buy tickets to a taping of your beloved television series or your favorite game show. Know where you’re going, how you’re getting there and where you’ll stay. Put yourself in a position to not encounter any big surprises and simply have a good time.


Go shopping before your trip and make sure you’re all set with your wardrobe before you depart. Look ahead to what kind of weather you’ll be experiencing so you have the right type of clothes with you. Go through your belongings before you leave for the store so you know what you’re in need of. Decluttering helps you see the gaps and necessities you should be focusing on buying. Think about accessories, comfortable shoes and any special occasion outfits.


Bring your iPhone or iPad with you all charged up to take photos of you outside the stars’ homes on this once in a lifetime trip. Just remember that if anything goes wrong with your device you can always use iPad and iPhone data recovery services to recover your photos – do not panic – this is one of the benefits of using your phone as a camera, rather than a traditional camera!  You can also use it to watch movies in the airport or car. You’ll appreciate being entertained when you’re sitting for long periods of time. Pick out which ones you want ahead of time and get them loaded so you don’t have any downloading troubles as you’re traveling. Also, use your phone as your camera on your vacation.


It’s likely you’ll be leaving for your trip early in the morning, depending upon your plans. Regardless of your departure time, it’s going to be a long day of getting to your destination. Be smart and get a proper night’s sleep the evening before you leave for your vacation. You’ll feel so much better the next day as you’re in the midst of heading toward your final stop.


It’s a good idea to plan ahead, book tickets to your favorite shows and secure the details of your trip prior to departure. This leaves less room for guesswork and mishaps to occur. These are preparations for a successful tv show location vacation.