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Check Out The Trailer & Poster For HOUSE ON RODEO GULCH

William Scherer's thriller is on VOD now.


Chanel Ryan (Bad Kids Go to Hell) and Barry Ratcliffe (Ted 2) star in writer-director William Scherer’s Hitchcockian thriller House on Rodeo Gulch, now available on VOD.

Scherer drew on a real-life experience for his script: "While in my late twenties I bought a small three-unit apartment building that had one of the units vacant. I put in a nice new cream-colored carpet in the living room and rented it out to a young couple.

"A week later I visited them to find out the boyfriend had driven his Harley Davidson motorcycle into the living room and had taken the engine apart as oil, parts and dirt was all over my new carpet. Furious, I had no grounds to have them arrested, only give them a '30 day notice to leave'. After 30 days they still hadn't left and thus became 'the tenants from hell'.  I thought afterwards, if only I had put something in the walls/ceilings that would have scared them into leaving on their own.

"Later, I read about a prominent Reverend that had taken advantage of God and his congregation. He was in the process of losing his jet and a couple of his homes. The IRS was standing by."

The official synopsis reads:

Uprooted from her childhood home in Texas by her father’s new job, seventeen-year-old Shani Peterson (Megan Jay Simrell) moves to California with her new step-mom, Denise (Chanel Ryan). Their new home, located deep in the redwoods of Central California is a dream come true… until it’s not. With an over friendly Reverend and his alcoholic assistant as their only neighbors, Shani and Denise must unearth the haunting mysteries of the house and its history, before they lose their home, or lives.