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Executive Producer: Canada

Canada is sometimes overlooked in favor of the United States when people think about movies but there are more Canadian movie producers making famous films than you may realise. When you think of the 10 greatest movies that are set in Canada, the chances are that some of them would have been worked on by the producers mentioned below.

James Cameron

James Cameron is one of the most famous movie producers of all time to hail from Canada. He has produced several movies that everyone has heard of such as The Terminator, Titanic and Avatar. He was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario and moved to the United States during the 1970s, where his career really took off. He is still making movies today despite being well into his sixties. He is one of the most successful movie producers of all time with a net worth of over $700 million. Winning the jackpot at Royal Vegas casino could give you an insight into the kind of lifestyle that he has.

Paul Haggis

Paul Haggis is best known for being the producer of the movies Crash and Million Dollar Baby. These two films won Best Film at the Oscars in consecutive years and Paul Haggis is the only producer and screenwriter that has been able to achieve this. He only decided to work on films at quite a late stage in his life, as before this he was pursuing a career in fashion photography. He is also known in Canada for producing a number of popular TV shows. He was born in London, Ontario.

Jim Carrey

Although he is is known primarily as a famous actor, Jim Carrey is a Canadian that has also produced several movies. He was born in Newmarket, Ontario and acted in a number of popular films during the 1990s. It was after this time that he also began producing films. He is a very popular figure in Canada and in 2014 limited edition postage stamps with his face on it were released by the Canada Post.

Seth Rogan

Seth Rogan is another actor that has also turned his hand to producing. He has worked as a producer on several movies that he has acted in such as Knocked Up, Neighbors and The Interview. The Interview is one of the most controversial movies that has ever been made, as it centers around the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the regime that is in place in the country. He was born and raised in Vancouver, before moving to Portland in the United States. He was born and raised in Vancouver, before moving to Portland in the United States.

The next time that you have a few hours to spare and you are not filling your time with other hobbies such as playing at Royal Vegas casino, then you may want to check out some movies that have been made by these producers. Although there are some films that you undoubtedly would have seen already, you may also discover some great films that you have not watched before.