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First Trailer & Poster For UK Horror DARK BEACON

Director Coz Greenop's chiller is coming in 2017.

Anyone who has seen John Carpenter's The Fog knows what a creepy location a lighthouse can be, so new UK horror Dark Beacon seems to be onto a winner. A release date has yet to be announced, but expect it later this year.

The official synopsis reads:

In intense new horror thriller Dark Beacon we follow Amy Wilcock (April Pearson, Skins) who loves the married Beth Gadbsy (Lynne Anne Roger) with a fierce and tragic passion. When Beth's distraught husband Christian (Jon Campling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) dies in an emotional intervention, the now widow disappears with her daughter Maya into secret seclusion...

Amy eventually tracks Beth down to a distant lighthouse only to find her broken and maddened in the midst of an alcoholic abyss. But that is not all she finds. They shockingly discover that the spirit of Beth's spurned husband will not rest until he takes the surviving trio with him. Can Amy save them all from the spiral of madness and the crazed and hell-bent supernatural threat?