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Watch A Clip From PSYCHO Shower Scene Doc 78/52

A new documentary explores one of cinema's most famous scenes.

No other filmmaker has been the subject of as many documentaries as Alfred Hitchcock. We love you Hitch, but if we have to listen to that bloody anecdote about the time your father locked you in a jail cell one more time we'll scream as loudly as Janet Leigh in Psycho's infamous shower scene.

Speaking of which, there's now a documentary devoted entirely to examining that very scene. 78/52 - the title refers to the number of shots (78) and cuts (52) in the iconic sequence - from director Alexandre O Philippe brings together a host of talking heads including Leigh's own daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, Anthony Perkins' son Oz Perkins, and filmmakers Guillermo del Toro, Peter Bogdanovich and Karyn Kusama among others.

Courtesy of EW, here's a first look at the doc, which has its world premiere at Sundance this week.