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Flicker Alley release Cinerama's Russian Adventure on blu-ray November 15th, and we've got a copy to give away to one lucky reader.

Photographed over an eight-year period by Russia’s top filmmakers, Cinerama’s Russian Adventure brings together some of the most exquisite, jaw-dropping, and beautiful sequences from over six Soviet Kinopanorama productions (the Russian equivalent of three-panel Cinerama). The film’s locations stretch from one end of Russia to the other, from the snow-covered countryside to the majestic subways of Moscow, from the deck of a whaling ship to the front seats of the Bolshoi Theater. Bing Crosby narrates the journey, offering both a grand and intimate view of a country and culture so often cited and yet so seldom seen.

In classic Cinerama style, your first glimpse of Russia is from behind the reigns of a troika, a traditional three-horse sled, speeding through the snow. Next, you’ll land in Moscow for spectacular shots of the Kremlin, the Volga River, the bustling street life, and a spring carnival complete with singing, dancing, and clowns on stilts. From there, you’ll marvel at the dazzling Moscow Circus, take a raft ride down the Tisza River, join in a wild antelope roundup on the Barsa-Kelmes, and witness a show-stopping performance of the famous Moiseyev Dancers. The most visceral sequences, though, take place not on land, but on water: the spare-no-details whale hunt aboard a factory ship in the Antarctic and the alien voyage of an octopus as it glides beneath the sea.

Flicker Alley, Cinerama Inc. and the family of Hal Dennis / Hal Productions are proud to present Cinerama’s Russian Adventure in the Smilebox Curved Screen Simulation. The film has been digitally remastered, and beautifully so, allowing audiences to experience - in the words of Bing Crosby – “what I believe will be our most exciting journey…”

Bonus Materials Include:

Fortress of Peace (1964): A Swiss Army propaganda film shot in Cinerama and nominated for the 1965 Academy Award® for Best Live Action Short Film

Concorde (1966): A 70mm Cinerama short about the then soon-to-be-unveiled supersonic airplane

Working With Our Father on Russian Adventure: An interview with film editors Craig and Hal Dennis Jr., sons of producer Hal Dennis

Reconstructing Russian Adventure: A restoration demonstration with Dave Strohmaier

Russian Adventure Trailer: Theatrical trailer

Trailer Gallery: Collection of trailers from other Cinerama shows (Blu-ray only)

Slideshows: Ads and publicity materials, sample scripts pages, and “Russian Adventure Study Guide”

Program Booklet: A facsimile representation of the original program booklet

For more info visit!/Cineramas-Russian-Adventure/p/68178472 where for a limited time you can pre-order and get 25% off.

The winner is:

Samantha Stevens, Surrey, UK