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A trailer for the upcoming British comedy has been released.

When you hit rock bottom, the only thing left to do is stand-up, as demonstrated in the hilarious The Comedian's Guide To Survival, coming to cinemas and digital platforms from October 28th, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

Failed comedian James Mullinger (based on the eponymous, real-life comedian) has come to a crossroads in his life; no one wants to see him perform, his wife is fed up, and his day time boss has given him an ultimatum - take a promotion and never do stand up again, or stick to the comedy and lose his job. To add salt to the wound, his boss, the editor of COQ Magazine, wants him to interview the greatest comedians in the UK and North America for an upcoming comedy special.

Recalling his own worst performances and the disasters that followed, James analyses where it all went wrong, and finds himself steering the interviews to his own interests, rather than those of the magazine’s. Through spending time with his former heroes, a faint glimmer of his passion for stand-up comedy begins to stir again...

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