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3 Interesting Potential Blockbusters On The Horizon

Frankly speaking 2016 has already been an interesting year for movies – but there are still a few interesting releases on the cards.

In particular, the three potential blockbusters that are due to be released a bit later this year include The BFG, The Legend of Tarzan, and Ghostbusters.


Based on the amazing book by Roald Dahl, The BFG is being directed and produced by none other than Steven Spielberg. Also it features a screenplay written by Melissa Mathison who previously worked with Spielberg when she wrote the screenplay to ET.

The story itself follows the books fairly faithfully, and has a vibe of adventure and discovery that is tantalizing in itself. For many the prospect of being whisked away to giant-country is reason enough to watch the movie.

Recently the movie premiered at the Cannes Film Festival – where it was fairly well-received. Due to its pedigree and the fact that the book itself is extremely popular, The BFG could very well be a huge blockbuster – potentially even one to rival ET and other Spielberg hits.

The Legend of Tarzan

While movies featuring Tarzan are certainly not new, The Legend of Tarzan looks promising. It brings together a star-studded cast comprising of Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, Jim Broadbent and Christoph Waltz.

Based solely on the trailers released so far, the movie itself looks promising. Needless to say there is quite a bit of CGI – which is to be expected when dealing with a movie that prominently features Tarzan’s ape friends. The story itself is likely to be familiar enough, though there may be a few twists added to make it seem fresh.

All in all The Legend of Tarzan seems to be shaping up to be a tree-climbing and vine-swinging extravaganza, with the romance story between Tarzan and Jane featuring prominently.


While there have arguably been one too many remakes of classic movies in recent years, Ghostbusters seems to be shaping up in an interesting way. For one thing the previous all-male incarnation of the team has been replaced by an all-female lineup, and the secretary is none other than Chris Hemsworth (i.e. Thor).

On top of that, with the promise of CGI ghosts and photon beams – Ghostbusters could very well be an exciting movie. Already the trailers hint that this incarnation of Ghostbusters are going to be up against their fair share of challenges.

All said and done however, the movie does have to contend with living up to the franchise's expectations, while at the same time trying to tread new ground. That can be tricky, and raises questions over how well the movie will do. Assuming it is successful however, expect this Ghostbusters to revive the franchise and be the first of several new entries.

As you can see all of these three movies have the potential to take the box office by storm and each is buoyed by the existing popularity of the franchise. Whether or not the movies live up to expectations and do well is still anyone’s guess however. If you’re interested in the set locations for these movies as well as others you can check out the infographic provided by Truedor below.

In either case, these movies should definitely be worth checking out especially if you’re a fan of Roald Dahl’s books, Tarzan, or the Ghostbusters. Of course the one other movie not mentioned that is likely to be a blockbuster hit is Star Wars: Rogue One – but that almost seems to be a foregone conclusion at this stage considering the fandom surrounding it.

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