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Take A Ride With The Trailer & Poster For FARE

We've got the trailer and poster for dark thriller Fare, from writer-director Thomas Torrey.

Fare stars writer-director Thomas Torrey, Katherine Drew, J.R. Adduci and Pat Dortch. Filmed entirely inside a moving car over three days, Torrey's debut feature follows a cab driver whose chance encounter with a passenger spirals into a night of darkness. Fare explores the darkest depths of love, betrayal and the fight for a committed relationship.
Ride-share cab driver Eric begins his day like any other, responding to the many fares of the city that hail him from their smartphones. Hiding his depression due to a marriage that has long grown cold, Eric entertains small talk and discusses his "real job" of real estate. He even finds his own notions of love and marriage challenged by one fare in particular. 
As Eric's day turns to night and he takes one last fare, he finds himself face to face with the source of his troubles. When Eric recognizes this passenger as the man who is secretly sleeping with his wife, events are set in motion that threaten the lives of everyone who sets foot inside the car.

The tense thriller will screen for the first time at the 17th Newport Beach Film Festival, at 8:30 pm on April 26th at Island Cinemas.

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