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7 Facts You Need To Know About X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

It was 16 years ago in 2000 when the first X-Men movie came out, and now the world eagerly awaits what many believe will be the final X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse.

The Director, Bryan Singer, has already done his bit in drawing attention to the film by revealing that the final episode will draw the long running movie chain of the franchise to an unpredictable conclusion.

Actor Oscar Isaac, who is known for his work in movies such as Ex Machina and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is apparently feeling a bit nervy as the global fan base of the franchise prepare themselves for his role playing the one and only supervillain – Apocalypse.

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Think you are a true X-Men fan? Here are some facts about the villain Apocalypse you might not know.

1. Apocalypse's Debut – the supervillain character was first introduced three decades ago in 1986 when he made his debut appearance on the very last page of the Marvel Comic X-Factor #5. The Character is the brain child of head writer Simonson and the idea was very much supported by then Marvel Comics editor Bob Harras.

2. Apocalypse’s Origin – even though the supervillain himself was introduced way back in 1986, it was not until ten years later that his origin story was revealed to the masses. Apocalypses’ origin was traced back to 5000 years ago when he was abandoned at birth in Egypt and was then taken under the wing of the leader of the Sandstorms (a Nomadic group) Baal.

3. Apocalypse was the creator of Mr. Sinister – not many know that Mr. Sinister was the work of Apocalypse and Darwinist Nathaniel Essex. Essex transforms into Mr. Sinister.

4. Apocalypse's Arch Nemesis – Apocalypse's opposite force in the universe is the son of Cyclops and Clone, a character called Cable who was revealed in the comics for the first time only a few months prior to the introduction of Apocalypse himself.

5. Apocalypse's posse- the four horsemen, who are basically four mutants appointed by the super villain himself, have dedicated their lives to being Apocalypses’ personal watch guard.

6. Apocalypse can control his own molecular structure – what are supervillains without superpowers? Apocalypse has the ability to alter his shape, size, and appearance as and when he pleases.

7. Apocalypse has innumerable superpowers – the list is a little obscure as nobody knows for certain what all of his superpowers are as the comics keep introducing new powers. However, thus far, Apocalypse has over 12 known superpowers in his arsenal. Pretty impressive stuff!

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