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Check Out The Trailer & Artwork For HOOLIGAN LEGACY

Here's the trailer and DVD artwork for Precision Pictures' Hooligan Legacy, available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD from 30th May, 2016.

Four men, Ronnie, Jimmy, Jack and Chris - no strangers to unlawful transgressions - execute a daring football stadium robbery. But their volatile dynamic turns sour when the leader of the group becomes paranoid and begins to self destruct.
Years later and after a stint in prison, villainous leader Ronnie is unrelenting in his path to retribution. He wants his years back and will take them from the man he once called a friend who he now believes is the grass that put him inside. Ronnie will stop at nothing to get revenge.
Hooligan Legacy stars Kris Johnson, Terri Dwyer, Gary Finan, James Groom and Douglas Fielding.

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