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Poll Result - 3D Or Not 3D?

The results of this week's twitter poll are in.

Every Thursday through Saturday we run a poll over on our twitter page (@themoviewaffler). This week's question was 'If a movie is playing in both 3D and 2D, which version do you opt for?'. Here are the results:

Makes no difference (6%)
Unsurprisingly,  it's a very small minority of you who are indifferent when it comes to this issue.

3D (16%)
16% of you are devotees of the third dimension and will always opt to wear the specs if given the chance.

2D (78%)
A whopping 78% of you won't buy cinema passes if it means wearing glasses. It's no surprise really, but it seems we're stuck with light loss. With three more Avatar sequels in production, don't expect 3D to die out any time soon.

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