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Poll Result: How You Watch Movies

The results of our latest twitter poll are in.

Over on our twitter page we asked how you watch most movies, with a choice of four answers - Cinema, DVD/Blu-Ray, Streaming/On Demand, or on TV. Here are the results:

TV 4%
We've previously bemoaned the lack of movies on network TV in the modern age, so it's no surprise to see it at the bottom of the poll with a mere 4% of you watching your movies on broadcast TV.

Streaming/On Demand 22%
With the rise of streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, along with most cable providers offering On Demand services, we were surprised to see just over a fifth of you using this as your primary movie viewing method.

Cinema 28%
With cinema under threat from piracy, streaming, larger home cinema systems etc, it's heartening to see that more than a quarter of you still do most of your viewing at your local theatre.

DVD/Blu-Ray 46%
Physical media is dead, we're told. Well not among TMW readers, with almost half of you watching most movies on DVD or Blu-Ray.

We should remember of course that our readers are a discerning bunch of cinephiles, so we suspect the same poll would produce different results were it taken among the general public.

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