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Kristen Stewart's 7 Best Performances

In the newly released Camp X-Ray, Kristen Stewart plays a guard in Guantanamo Bay whose experiences lead her to question the black and white view reinforced during her time in the military. In this critically acclaimed performance, Stewart proves she can leave Bella Swan and her signature teen angst persona behind her and take on more adult roles. To celebrate the film’s release, we explore her very best performances to date...

Panic Room (2002)
A barely recognisable 12 year-old Kristen infamously (or maybe you forgot!) plays Jodie Foster’s daughter in David Fincher's underrated nail-biter. We’ve had over a decade to live with it but it still makes for exciting viewing years down the line. Also starring Hollywood veteran Forest Whitaker and the new 'Joker' Jared Leto as robbers who try to lure Foster and Stewart away from their panic room. A truly enjoyable thriller from the days before Twilight was even thought of. 

Speak (2004)
Another electrifying performance from a young Kristen Stewart, this time portraying the difficult story of a victim of sexual abuse coming to terms with her trauma. Left unable to speak as a result of events from her past, she is shunned by her friends and ignored by her self-absorbed mother. It can on occasion make for disturbing viewing, so perhaps one best left for rainy Sunday viewing with a Chinese takeaway and a tub of chocolate ice cream in reserve.

The Messengers (2007)
Stewart begins to come into her own in her portrayal of an angst-ridden teenager who’s having a tough time convincing her family that their new home is haunted. The children bear the brunt of the scary goings-on, and with her young brother mute and Stewart’s character's wild teen traits, the parents don’t understand what’s happening. Packed to the rafters with big frights, jolty camerawork, and gangly-limbed phantoms (as well a suitably moody Stewart), there’s plenty here to satisfy horror junkies and K-Stew fans alike. 

Adventureland (2009)
Another outing for the Stewart portraying a malcontent youth in this coming-of-age stoner film - only this time with a retro '80s twist. Her performance in Adventureland cemented her reputation for nailing teenage intensity and angst. The film had everything going for it, especially after the first release of a certain vampire franchise starring Ms. Stewart, but for whatever reason it wasn’t a huge theatrical hit on release, finding a more appreciative audience at home. 

The Runaways (2010)
Here's one for the rock fans; Kristen Stewart plays legendary musician Joan Jett in this successful retelling of rock and roll group The Runaways' true story. Stewart bears more than a striking resemblance to Jett as we see the band rise from obscurity to stardom, under the volatile and sometimes abusive management of Kim Fowley (played by Michael Shannon). So impressive was Stewart’s performance, it drew praise from none other than Joan Jett herself. 

Welcome to the Rileys (2010)
Starring alongside Melissa Leo and the late, great James Gandolfini, Welcome to the Rileys tells the story of a couple whose marriage breaks down after the loss of their teenage daughter in an accident. Leo’s character become agoraphobic and Gandolfini ends up in a New Orleans strip club on a business trip, where he strikes up an unusual relationship with Stewart’s character. Stewart shines in this role, once again showing audiences that she thrives when taking on troubled characters. 

Camp X-Ray (2016)
Hoping to escape her small town roots and make a difference in the world, a young woman, played by Stewart, joins the military and is soon assigned a guard position at Guantanamo Bay. Surrounded by hostility on both sides of the fence, she discovers her mission is far from the black and white ideal she expected. Striking up an unusual friendship with one of the detainees (Payman Maadi; A Separation, Last Knights) she finds herself forming an unlikely bond in a place where nothing is as simple as good vs. evil. 

Camp X-Ray is out now on Digital HD and DVD

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