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TMW checks out WonderWhen - the app that ensures you never miss a movie release

A new app allows you to easily keep track of movie release dates.

2015 has been labelled 'the biggest ever year for movies', and with so many releases hitting theatres, DVD, BluRay and Video on Demand, keeping track of release dates can be hard work. Most movie fans use IMBD to find out when movies are due to be released, but that site is far from reliable, as the 'release date' listed for a movie can often be the date of its premiere or first film festival appearance, rather than the date the man in the street can see it at his local multiplex.
A new app for iOS devices addresses this thorny issue. WonderWhen is dedicated to ensuring you never miss a release date again.
Custom built for iOS, WonderWhen employs a user-friendly, uncluttered design, offering three search options - titles, cast, and crew. You can search by typing or by using the inbuilt voice recognition tool. Simply search for a movie and WonderWhen will quickly return both the theatrical release date and home entertainment date. Of course, you're likely to forget this, so WonderWhen allows you to set a reminder for a few days before the release to ensure you don't miss out. This is particularly useful if you're a fan of indie movies that tend to come and go from theatres in the blink of an eye.

If you have an iOS device, you can download WonderWhen at or by searching for it in the iTunes app. If you require more info you can email the makers of WonderWhen at