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Throwing a Hobbit-themed Birthday Party

Hobbits are the Middle Earth version of the modern party animal. They love to play and have fun, and boy, even if they're a little over-the-hill, do they love to eat and drink! If that sounds like a bit of you, and you’re a Tolkienite, what better way to celebrate a birthday than Hobbit style?


By far the most important consideration in throwing a hobbit’s party is what is on the menu. As known from the first page of The Hobbit, hobbits have their cupboards stocked aplenty – and they would have to, eating seven meals a day! At your hobbit party, an over abundance of food is a necessity – so don’t worry if you’ve overdone it, that’s probably perfect. Hobbits make for excellent party hosts, and wouldn’t want their guests to leave hungry.

For your hobbit party keep it authentic: stews are the perfect dinner meal. They are easy to make, feed many and are so delicious! If cooking isn’t exactly your forte, fear not, making a stew is basically fool-proof. Meat (rabbit if you’re brave) and veggies (especially Frodo’s mushrooms!) will make for a beautiful Hobbit style stew. Have as much meat on your table as possible.

Much of Tolkien’s Shire was inspired by the rustic villages of England, and the same goes for the food. Traditional roasts of ham, chicken or cold meats for sandwiches are ideal for Hobbit meals, with a side of herb-roasted potatoes. Make sure you have breads and cheeses – perfect platter foods for your guests on arrival. Eggs, in everything, everywhere: Tolkien says, hard-boiled in salad, scrambled for dinner and poached in the morning. For your hobbit desert, have scones, biscuits, fruit tarts and pies – blackberry, blueberry and apple, and seed cake. Have plenty of coffee and tea on hand for your Hobbit birthday feast.

With food being one of the main aspects of hobbit life, and in turn, your hobbit party, consider how many guests you will have and how many you should cook for. Combine smaller portion sizes to get everything in on the list, or if you’re partying on a budget, consider having a potluck dinner.

Here's a neat article about the food of hobbits, which might give you a few ideas: Well-Stocked Larders: Food and Diet of Hobbits.


Hobbits are partiers in their very essence: so turn it up a level at your hobbit birthday party, even if you think you’re getting over the hill! Music is crucial – Hobbits can be found singing and dancing at every celebration! Break out the instruments, or have your Spotify playlist on hand, and revel in the music. Play any sort of Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit trivia games, rhyming games, riddling games, or apply your own Middle Earth twist to an old classic. Hobbits love puzzles, so play games like charades which involve riddles, or head outdoors and play games like horseshoe tossing, sack jumping, three-legged races and coconut shy. Come on now, Bilbo wasn’t too old, neither are you.

Dress & Décor

For a true Hobbit party, one must look the part. Dress in bright colours: yellows and greens, with neutral earthy browns, and curl your hair. Carry a pipe, and make sure you don’t wear shoes in the Shire! For the birthday boy or girl, what better excuse for an over-the-hill novelty cane than at a Hobbit party? You’ll both look the part, and most likely be in need of a cane by the end of the festivities. Check out this noise-making over the hill cane - a fun addition to your hobbit outfit.

For interior decoration, imagine your party to be Bilbo’s hobbit hole – rustic, wooden furniture, cosy rugs, and books galore – head to your local craft store and pick up a few yards of inexpensive green cloth for your very own green tablecloth for your feasting. Hang lights around the room – fairy lights are great for every occasion, and candles, lots and lots of candles!

You now have the best components of a Hobbit party – go and have the best over-the-hill birthday yet!