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Are you a movie man or mouse?

With lad culture bigger than ever, it seems that more and more blokes are stepping forward, proclaiming to be the ultimate ‘lad’. But how does one define such a thing?
How do you separate the Joey Tribbiani’s from the Justin Bieber’s of this world? Well thankfully, Ladbrokes carried out a customer survey of both sexes in order to draw that fine line between man and mouse.

34% of men considered crying at a sad film to be decidedly unmanly, so if you’re one to start welling up when Bubba dies in Forrest Gump, then you might want to re-consider your lad status. Interestingly enough, those surveyed did manage to draw up a list of films deemed acceptable for a bit of a man weep. We were surprised to see the decidedly girly Titanic on the list, and equally, The Notebook. Have you cried at either of these films?!

We did approve of The Green Mile however, which could surely reduce the most hardened of blokes to tears (Mr Jingles death scene gets us every time). Here at The Movie Waffler, we can’t help but speculate as to which current films could end up on such a list in the future. One film that won’t be appearing is the shockingly bad Adam Sandler flick, Blended, which can only cause tears of sheer pain – yes, it really is that bad.

So how do you think you’d fare in the lad stakes? Head on over to Ladbrokes Casino and take their quiz – if you’re man enough that is…