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Four unforgettable casino scenes


Because this is simply a fantastic decor brilliantly filmed at night by the director Sam Mendes, and because for once we don’t have a baccarat or a poker game but an unexpected fight with a pair of Komodo dragons. And also because the beautiful Séverine / Bérénice Marlohe appears in this scene in all her glamorous splendor. Daniel Craig adds to his previous unprecedented win of Casino Royale, two giant lizard skins. He would have been safer staying at home and playing games at

In Time

Yes, the movie could have been better. Yes, there are flaws in the scenario and the characters are rather stereotypical and skin deep. But the concept of the movie and the impressive acting keep you entertained and interested in this race for time. And what would you say about a casino where you bet your life time? It is simply one of the most beautiful metaphors ever made with the game of chance.

Roulette tables

Run Lola Run

Certainly one of the best casino scenes ever. The movie in itself is excellent, comparing life to a roulette game. That could be lame, but just as In Time has weaknesses with a strong concept, Run Lola Run makes, from a simple idea, one of the best cinematographic narration experiments of the two last decades. Just a word of advice, if you are in a casino, read the advice for playing roulette here, indeed, screaming at high pitch like Lola will only get you kicked out of the casino.


The Smooth Criminal chapter includes a craps scene during the 10 minutes of the “smooth criminal” performance. It is not the center piece but the inclusion of the craps game in the choreography by Jeffrey Daniel, Mikael Jackson and Vincent Patterson contributes greatly to the atmosphere of this 1930’s style lounge. The position of the player, sitting like a toad, allows original moves and stunts, while replicating the way the games were played in the street before joining the casino table.

Jonathan Cartier