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The Magicians who Expose Psychics and Conmen

No one likes to be cheated and yet every day people are taken in by conmen.
And, time and again, perfectly rational people go to performances by so-called psychics and express amazement at their “powers” to read minds and communicate with the dead. But there are some in the entertainment business who know just how conmen work and how “psychics” manipulate audiences, and are prepared to expose them. Hear any of these great entertainers speak and you’ll not only have a wonderful time, you could also save yourself from being conned.

Derren Brown

Illusionist, trickster, hypnotist and sceptic Derren Brown is well known for his mind reading and apparent intuitive abilities. His talents astound audiences everywhere, yet though he seems to have a special psychic gift, Derren openly admits that his act is based on misdirection and that he uses memory techniques, cognitive psychology and a variety of other methods to manipulate his audiences. And he is highly critical of similar acts that claim special powers.

In 2011 he famously exposed the faith healing industry as a fraud by turning an unknown into a successful faith healer for a day. He has also exposed so-called psychics and mind readers as frauds preying on their audiences. Derren himself is a fascinating performer who leaves his audiences totally bewildered, but he is the first to admit that there are no special powers involved.

Alexis Conran

A member of the Magic Circle, Alexis Conran began life as an actor but, fascinated by magic, he followed his heart and studied the art eventually becoming a specialist in card cheating. His interest in exposing fraud developed from his participation in a game of poker with other actors during a break in the filming the film “Below”. Noticing that one of the players was cheating, he used his skills to turn the tables.

In 2003, the BBC asked him to act as an adviser on its hit series “Hustle” and two years later invited him to star in a new show “The Real Hustle”, which has since been highly successful. Through the show, Alexis and his team have exposed over 450 different scams. He has also helped the Office of Fair Trading in its efforts to teach consumers ways to avoid being scammed.

In addition, Alexis is a trustee of “Gambling Concern”, a non profit organisation that promotes awareness of gambling addiction, a problem that caused the break up of his own family when he was seven because of his father’s addiction.

Paul Zenon

Multi-talented Paul Zenon has been a singer in a rock band, children’s television entertainer, stand up comedian and magician. He also regularly appears on various shows to expose frauds and scams and to voice his scepticism about the paranormal. He is especially well known for his “Street Magic” shows in which he performs magic and stunts in the street and in pubs.

Paul performed his first scam at the age of eight, when he sold raffle tickets for a prize that did not exist and he has also been fired from a job as a casino croupier for alleged cheating. But now he uses his skills and knowledge to expose cheats and fraudsters, especially those who claim to have special powers. Paul is also the founder of “The Wonderbus”, an organisation set up to take older people in homes and sheltered housing on excursions to special events and other entertainment.

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