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Andy Comer's Top 10 of 2013

TMW's Andy Comer looks a back at the ten movies he was most impressed by last year.

10. Only God Forgives
Simple. To the point. Cold. Beautiful. Much like Drive, it is nothing like what I anticipated, and still blew me away with the power of subtlety.

9. Short Term 12
This one was the last of the contenders to make the cut because it flat out blew me away with its heavy emotional weight.

8. Spring Breakers
At its worst it is random, claustrophobic, repetitively annoying, raw, and chaotic.  At its best it is shockingly bizarre, erotic, entrancing, and hauntingly beautiful.  I have never seen anything like it.

7. Her
This seems like a ridiculous idea of a film but the way it is pulled off feels more genuine than most of the romantic crap that finds its way into the theatre. 

6. Gravity
I’m not a huge fan for 3D, but this one is actually enhanced the film into everything 3D has always hyped to be.  My jaw was on the floor.

5. The Spectacular Now
The simplicity of the love story and its extremely relatable main character really hit home with me. 

4. American Hustle
If the story was completely cohesive this would be the best film of the year.  Every actor is phenomenal and the characters are entertaining as hell.

3. Rush
The fact that this was based on real events blows my mind every time that I watch it.  It doesn’t matter if you like racing or not, being a fan of sports in general is enough to love this great true story. 

2. The Worlds End
Favorite film of the year, hands down.  Gets better every time I see it because I am always finding new fascinating details about the characters and the world they live in.

1. The Place Beyond the Pines
Everyone in this is great.  The script is amazing and the three act structure is perfect.  Technically speaking this film is perfect.  I cannot think of anything wrong with this film.

Andy Comer