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'A Serbian Film' Special Edition winners!

Safecracker Pictures are releasing a UK Special Edition of the controversial 'A Serbian Film' on DVD December 2nd. We have five copies to give away to UK readers.

A Serbian Film was greeted with vast controversy over its portrayal of sexual violence and is consequently one of the most cut films in British Cinema history having over 4 minutes chopped out of the original film by the BBFC and is still banned in multiple countries.
This new DVD release will have exclusive, never seen before, behind the scenes footage of the making of the infamous baby scene, chunks of which were censored from the UK release.

The story follows Milos, a retired adult film star, who has fallen on hard times. In order to become financially secure he plunges once more into the depths of pornographic production only to realise too late the depraved nature of his new mysterious and menacing director’s vision. The director, Vukmir, and his cohorts will stop at nothing to complete their film and Milos is forced to carry out a series of increasingly depraved acts. He is desperate to escape this living cinematic hell but Milos cannot possibly know what unspeakable horrors Vukmir has in store for him next.

The winners are:

Mike Shawcross, Manchester

Jamal James Potter, Worcestershire

Chris Downs, Hull

Kevin Matthews, Edinburgh

Jonathan Tabreham, Nottingham